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Sisters Birch

Unique Merch by Two Unique Birches
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About Sisters Birch

About Us

We’re Amy & Alanna Björk, creators of Sisters Birch. How’d we come up with the name? Björk means Birch tree in Swedish! (And we are sisters.)

We like to consult the Golden Teacher and dabble in all things magical. We then like to dilly-dally, noodle around, and create products that make us laugh, or feel inspired.

We hope our brand also brings you inspiration and perhaps a good laugh. We know the world could use more of both.

Amy & Alanna Björk


Our Current

Customer Favorites

Nope Evil Eye Women’s Tank Top

Follow The Golden Teacher Women’s Tank Top

Free Skippity Paps Women’s Tank

Our Favorites

Here's what Amy & Alanna are currently enjoying.
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We Love Sea Turtles
Important to Us

We care a lot about

✭ Being Earth-Friendly

✭ Humane Treatment of All Beings

✭ Making the World Smile More


Here, Kitty Kitty


(Very Important Birch)